Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Unique Spring Dresses: 3 Lovely Shops on Etsy..

Spring is upon us and what better way to celebrate our freedom from the miserable winter than to get something special for ourselves and by special I don't mean expensive; I mean unique, beautifully made, and full of character. There are some incredible clothing designers on Etsy that make beautiful handmade feminine pieces- here are my favorites, along with some of their gorgeous offerings. Click on any of the photos for a link to their Etsy shop.

1.   Lirola 
Romantic easy dresses with ruffled necklines and embellishments made with comfortable high quality jersey material available in an array of colors. These are the types of dresses you wear year after year because they make you feel as beautiful as you look. Romantic and comfortable? I think I'm in heaven...
Lirola English Rose Ruffle Dress
Lirola Pleated Neckline Dress With Ruffled Sleeves
Lirola Secret garden dress with short or long sleeve in Venice blue
 2.    CLF by Claire La Faye 
Ultra feminine silk chiffon dresses with romantic drape, ruffles, rosettes, and other details that remind me about the best of my favorite seasons of  Marchesa, Zac Posen, and Lanvin all rolled into one dress. I simply adore how much care is put into each piece. They also have a ballerina series of romantic embellished tanks.
 Pocket Full of Posey Dress
Clairelafaye Grey Ballerina Series
Lilacs and Lavender Dress

3.    Sohomode
Vintage Inspired custom made tea dresses. --Is there really any more beautiful sentence than that?  Sohomode offers a selection of simply gorgeous vintage inspired materials for you to select from and offers a truly universally flattering silhouette. Perfect for those like me, who believe that the tea dress will always be the quintessential summer dress.

Gorgeous pieces from truly talented designers. Be sure to measure yourself to determine your exact size with each specific designer- it will help them create a perfectly fitted dress for you. 
Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. These are all stunning!
    Fabulous etsy finds, darling!


  2. I especially love the CLF by Claire La Faye. Ooh, what exquisite pieces!! :)