Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In the garden with Carolina Herrera's Botanicals...

One of my favorite lines this season is Carolina Herrera. Her pieces are some of the most gorgeous I've ever laid eyes on and I absolutely love the incorporation of vintage botanical illustrations throughout her line. Each dress is like a walk through the garden..what a perfect way to welcome spring! Here are some of my favorite pieces from her line + some of my favorite antique botanical illustrations...
Orchid Ruby Lipped Cattleya  - Colombia, Joseph Paxton c.1834-1849
 Hyacinth. lacinthe d'orien Botanical Illustration - Pierre Joseph Redoute c.1827 -1830
Vuurbaak Tulip -Arlette Davids Lyons 1940

Rhododendron orbiculare botanical print - 1st ed of B. Leslie Urquhart's The Rhododendron, 1958. 
Rhododendron racemosum. - 1st ed of B. Leslie Urquhart's The Rhododendron, 1958. 

John Day Guatemalan Orchid Watercolor Illustration 1883 -Lycaste skinneri var. alba

John Day Orchid Watercolor Illustration from 1862- Laelia Schilleriana 

Magnolia Sargentiana  by A.V. Webster. published by the Royal Horticultural Society in 1955

Have a lovely day everyone! Only 20 days left until Spring!


  1. Exquisite runway selections and illustrations!
    I love this inspiration!


  2. What an exquisite collection; I am truly in awe. :)

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  4. how gorgeous!! so incredibly inspirational - each woman looks like a flower herself. So feminine and tailored! just lovely!!