Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inside Fall Fashion Magazines: InStyle, Lucky, Elle

It's September! Which means one thing... Fall Fashion magazines...each of telephone book sized thickness! I thought I'd share my favorite ads and features of 3 September 2009 Fall preview magazines: InStyle, Lucky, and Elle.

To start- Marion Cottliard for Dior: Old Hollywood Glamour..

Ralph Lauren - I love how feminine this is. The combination of the embroidered and beaded bodice with the dirty pink skirt makes this quite vintage:

and here are the shoes... sigh...

Emma Watson for Burberry: Showing that sophisticated can be young. I love the jacket, bag and bracelet in this ad.

I love the color of her coat in this one- it's the perfect shade of tan, I really wish I could press her coat though..

I'm officially ready for trench coats.. and coffee.. naturally the two go hand in hand..

I have to say that besides the Burberry trenches, I have yet to find a trench for fall that I love. I was hopeful for J.Crew but what they currently offer doesn't seem to excite me.
A trench should do something for a woman; asthetically it should fit like a shirtdress and work to perfect your shape, and psychologically it should make you believe that when you put it on, you look exactly like Eva Green in last year's Mont Blanc ad.. ;)

I love, love, love high waisted pencil skirts with demure blouses. This outfit was featured in Lucky September 2009 issue. The blouse is Armani Exchange.

I'm so excited about the return of camel.. Its sooo retro and chic. The look is definetly in for coats but I'm even more thrilled to see camel pencil skirts.

Max Mara ad: Camel coat and pencil skirt

Another high waisted camel pencil skirt.. This one is from Ralph Lauren's Blue Label collection (from Lucky September 2009 issue)

If I could live in any other time it would be in the 40s and 50s so I could dress like this on a daily basis for no good reason.. (Lucky Magazine September 2009 issue)

I think this ad for the OPI Espana Line embodies brunette glamour.. After checking out the line I decided to buy the color Manicurist of Seville, after checking out this picture, I think I'm going to make an oversized red rose for my hair. :)

Well thats all for now.. busy working on new designs!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mad Men Yourself!

Oh how I love all the 40s inspired fashion coming out this fall-- high waisted pencil skirts, fitted sheath dresses, and pearls, pearls, pearls.... I love Mad Men for all the gorgeous vintage clothes and accessories and now they have a site where you can "Mad Men Yourself"

Here's how I turned out! Of course I put on ALL the jewelry available ;-)

You can build a virtual Mad Men version of yourself; picking your body type, face, hair, and other features and then choose from different 40s outfits, colors, accessories and put yourself in a Mad Men scene.

You can download your creation to your desktop, facebook, and other format options..

go to to create your own!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Winners of Blushing Pink Flower Pin

Thanks to everyone who subscribed and posted to my blog! Im really excited and thrilled to have some subscribers and you all are so very sweet.

Now without further ado... the drawing for the free Blushing Pink flower pin (pulling out of crystal bowl...lets pretend its a hat..;))

and the winners are:

gigi - I will be sure to send you an email for your addy. reroha- you didnt post your addy but I think I have it from the Turquoise necklace you ordered.

It looks like I only have 1 more flower left on etsy... I will try to make more..

I will have another giveaway hopefully this week for the J.crew inspired antiqued cream pearl and gold plated chain necklace!!!

Thank you again!

Monday, August 3, 2009

J.Crew Inspired XL Flower Brooch Pin + Giveaway!

I love the J.Crew XL Flower Brooch Pin featured on J.Crew's June Issue.

Here is my version.

It is 6 inches across in diameter, it has blushing pink, and rich pink colors, and texturally feels like real flower petals.

Since I would like some followers/subscribers (what can I say, im, j/k;)) I've decided to give 2 away to 2 followers/subscribers.

If you are interested please subscribe and leave a comment saying "count me in" or something to that effect. I will do a drawing once I have 5 subscribers. :)

I included 2 pins on the back of my flower: a traditional bar pin back and a hair clip, so it can be worn as a brooch pin or in your hair.

I recommend the following in depth tutorial video by hairstylst Johnny Lavoy where he shows how to do a Katherine Heigel Inspired hairdo accented with a large flower.

Video stills (front view)

(back view)
For anyone interested in purchasing one of these pins, I will put them on etsy for $15 each. :)

J.Crew Inspired Antique Cream Pearl and Chain Necklace

I was inspired by the J.Crew Pearl and Chain necklace to make my own version using a antiqued cream glass pearl.

I love how versitile this necklace is - I wear it often and love how it instantly refines an outfit.

It's 38 inches long and is made with 14K plated gold. Here are some pics of my latest piece!

Zoom of the antique cream glass pearl:

Up on etsy for $35.