Saturday, April 24, 2010

Camelot - Michelle Obama Inspired Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Necklace

Camelot - Michelle Obama Inspired

The luster of classic pearl unites with the elegance of crystals and rhinestone to create my newest piece: Camelot. Inspired by the luminous interaction of pearl and crystal and Michelle Obama’s style and grace, this lovely piece will surely make a gorgeous accent to a wedding or formal gown, or a glamorous twist to a sundress.

This piece glistens in the light as you move and offers a unique sheen from different angles. The over 400 white Swarovski pearls rest on a bed of scalloped rhinestones in silver plated settings and are distributed among 5 strands.

The strands can also be twisted amongst each other for a messier, yet chic look.

If desired, I can custom incorporate your “something blue” into the necklace.

17 inches in length with an adjustable 2 ¾ inch lobster clasp.

Wedding Season Sale Price: $235

After wedding season, this piece will retail for $295

Available at the Ruby Mines store on etsy! :)

Symphony in Black – Silver and Gunmetal Cascading Necklace

Symphony in Black

Hand sewn silver, chrome, and gunmetal glass glisten in a striking motif on a pure satin backing and cascade into draping silver chain channeling old Hollywood class and glamour with a current edge and sophistication.

This piece is reminiscent of Erte’s Art Deco piece ‘Symphony in Black’.

This is a genuinely gorgeous piece that would add an unexpected allure to an evening gown or as a statement piece for your go-to t-shirt.

Price: $225

Available on Ruby Mines etsy store.

Silver Tassel Necklace

You’ll love how this rhinestone encrusted tassel gently sways upon a silver chain, adding a modern, polished, yet highly feminine and graceful sway to your own step. Sure to accent any mood, look or occasion.

- 2 ¾ inch silver plated, rhinestone encrusted tassel.

- 34 inch silver plated chain

- lobster clasp closure

Price: $55

Available on etsy!