Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sundress Eye Candy: Pushing Daisies

For many ladies Carrie Bradshaw is their tv style icon, but for this girl I much rather prefer the gorgeous sundresses of Pushing Daisies- a witty, storybook like show that used to be on abc (never fear it's on netflix instant watch). Few other things give me more pleasure than wearing a sundress on a spring or summer day. There's a happiness you feel when you wear a sundress and a confidence that only dressing like a cupcake can give you. ;)  Here are some inspiring sundresses to get you in the mood for Spring!
Pull out those Sundresses- only 7 days left until the first day of Spring!
Have a lovely day everyone! 


  1. loveeee all the sundresses! i'm hoping my baby belly can find some super cute ones this spring and summer :) I haven't seen this show, but may need to get started on it.. i could use a new one! hehe Happy Sunny Sunday!

  2. I cant wait for spring, I actually hate spring cuz I get allergies, just means, a FEW MONTHS CLOSER TO SUMMMMER!!!!!! <3333333333
    Where my heart, soul, and body belongs...summer time ♥

  3. Loving all these dresses!
    Yay florals!


  4. Ohmigosh she is adorable - from her hair straight down to her sundresses. I so need to see this show!! :)