Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wear it Now: Donna Karan Resort 2011

Here are 2 great looks from Donna Karan's 2011 Resort Collection that you can wear now! Silver Sequin Tops, Flowly Skirts, Boyfriend Blazers and Grey Strappy Pumps look incredible with a summer tan and make a glistening entrance to any summer party.

Look #1: Sequin Top, Black Blazer, Silver Skirt, Sash or Belt

Donna Karan Resort 2011 Look #1
Anthropologie, Emporio Armani, Carlos by Carlos Santana
A Few Pieces that will help you wear this look now.

Asos Oasis Low V-neck Sequin TopLavina Turra
    Oasis Slouch Pocket Linen Mix Jacket
    Carlos by Carlos Santana Women's Calico Pump
    Emporio Armani Belt
    Look #2: Sequin Top, White Blazer, Black Skirt
    Same Sequin Top, White Blazer from Urban Outfitters, Silk Skirt from Talbots

    Donna Karan Resort 2011 Look #2
    Via Spiga, Urban Outfitters, Talbots, Oasis
    A Few Pieces that will help you wear this look now.

    Well thats all for now! My summer line should be up in the next day or two! :)

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    Summer Music: Mumford and Sons

    Sigh No More
    Mumford and Sons
    Indie Folk

    I haven't been this excited about a band since I was a sophomore in college... back when music was still inspiring to me and brought something new lyrically and melodically. Since I picked up this album this Spring I haven't been able to stop listening to it, and I promise there will be a few songs in which you won't be able to either.

    This entire album is perfect for Summer. Why? Well it is not a flashy summer anthem that incorporates all surface level aspects of summer: good times, bikinis, laying in the sun and flirting. Rather, it is an honest, earthy, lively, and at times even uplifting and inspiring album that is great for those who miss hearing songs about love.

    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Braided Greek Goddess Updo - Quick and Easy Summer Hair

    Well after we had 2 days of nothing but heavy rain and lightning we are having some seriously hot and muggy weather. So I thought I would post a quick, easy, and absolutely gorgeous way to wear your hair up during these hot, summer days. This is my go to summer updo.
    Here was my inspiration:

    This was quick and easy with the help of these braidies:

    They are available for only $10 HERE at Sephora in Blond, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black, and I believe they are also available at Ulta.

    And you'll need a headband, preferably a double -banded one.

    The Seeing Double Headband from Anthropologie works perfectly. You can find it HERE for $32

    You can also pick up this Fab Dual Braid Headband from Forever 21 for a whopping $1.50

    • Make a messy ponytail or bun in your hair.
    • Put the braidie headband in your hair first. Try the look closer to your hairline first and work your way back until you find out where you like it to sit.
    • Put on your double banded headband. Place one band on each side of the braidie so that the braid is in the middle.
    • You can use a bobby pin to hold the back of the braid in place if you feel like you need to.
    • To complete your look you can divide your ponytail into 4 sections, twist them slightly and pin them in soft loops around your ponytail tail elastic until you have a tousled summer updo.
    • Another tip: This looks great with a summer brown Smokey eye.

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    J Mendel Resort 2010 Collection + Ballet Chic Looks

    J.Mendel's Resort 2010 Collection has some particularly lovely pieces inspired by the ballet. Aside from being photographed with a ballet barre, these pieces are completely wearable and are deliver the rare combination of glamorous and delicate. The tea rose pink, putty and nude colored silks are mixed with large doses of silver shine, the contemporary lace up shoes deliver a fashionable take on the pointe shoes and the tousled updo with feather hairpieces complete the lovely looks.

    Last Fall Ralph Lauren had another gorgeous take on ballet chic. With a sequined /embroidered lace bodice and a tea rose pink skirt with a lace shell.

    The great thing about these looks is that depending on how you wear and accessorize them, they can even evoke a vintage 1920's feel due to the washed colors and heavy embellishment.

    This New Year's I was watching the Annual Vienna Orchestra New Year's Concert and was taking back by the beautiful tea-length gowns. I was even more pleased to find out that Valentino designed the dresses specifically for Ballerinas. You can watch them perform a dance in their Valentino gowns HERE

    A few Everyday Ballet Chic Outfits + a few pointers on how to wear the look.

    If you are as inspired as I was by all this ballet couture here are some A few Everyday Ballet Chic Outfits and a few pointers on how to wear the look.
    • Choose a v-neck or scoop top that is very fitted.
    • Pair it with a skirt that is loose and flowy - one with ruffles works wonders
    • Wear the skirt at your natural waist! This is important ladies, this will create that ballet silhouette. If you wear your skirt too low, it won't look right.
    • Wear heels of any kind. T-strap, pumps, peep-toe, any kind will do, just don't wear flats. Wearing ballet flats will be to literal and might end up looking costume-like. You want ballet-chic, not an actual ballerina! ;) Heels of any height will work and you will be suprised as you stand in the mirror how much it instantly changes the outfit to contemporary and how great it will make your figure work.
    • Try a long necklace, like the long silver tassel necklace on my etsy site or one of your favorites.
    • As for hair: wear it any way you like, as long as it isn't a bun (again you don't want to look your going to Halloween as a ballerina, you want ballet-chic). My favorite is down with waves, or half up.

    Another great combo: muted gray uneven hem on this with the black sequin top.

    Here are some more great ballet chic pieces.

    Get your muse on: Watch this incredible featuring Tiler Peck, the principle ballerina for the New York Ballet performing with Nuttin' but Stringz Macy's Stars of Dance, performance choreographed by Travis Wall. Or watch on Youtube HERE

    Have a lovely day and Happy Twirling!
    Principal ballerina Elena Glurdjidze for the English National Ballet performs part of The Dying Swan for Karl Lagerfeld in the Chanel Couture Salon.

    Friday, June 11, 2010

    Double Crown / Heidi Braids Video Tutorial and Tips

    Oscar de La Renta's Spring '10 fashion show made the Heidi Braid or double crown braids surprisingly edgy and a great new summer look. If your wanting to give this look a try just remember that your clothes, earrings, and makeup are what will make this look edgy and fashion forward rather than juvenile. If you try this look and feel like you look 14, don't give up just yet, instead try a couple of different alterations until you find what works on you.
    • Try a smoky brown eye. Its less harsh than the Smokey black/silver eye, and adds a mature/ sultry angle to the braid.
    • Try some thin liquid eye liner. Much like the smoky eye, this will add a little sophistication to your look.
    • Try some statement earrings. Chandeliers, large hoops, whatever is in season and looks good with your face.

    Another great tip:
    Try on lots of different outfits until you find one that works. No doubt, if you wear this with a sundress you will probably look like your 12. Sienna Miller paired her double braids with something unexpected: an evening gown. The overall look is stunning. Try on different outfits with your hair and makeup done and see which ones work.
    Now if you would like to wear this look simply, without strong makeup or accessories. Take a look at this pic of Zoe Deschanel for inspiration. Its simple and she looks just divine. Notice though, that for this version her braids do not go across the top of her head. So if you would like to wear this look without too much effort just wrap the braids on both sides in a soft U and tuck/bobby pin them back into the sides of your hair towards the back of your head.

    Now for the tutorial: For any of these looks you can start by watching Strawberry Koi's Heidi braid tutorial. Try different parts, and different makeup, and see what looks best on you.

    Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    White Sundress Quick Tips, Suggestions & Ideas!

    White Sundress Quick Tips, Suggestions & Ideas!

    The White Sundress; cousin of the little black dress, and know for its ability (if worn properly) to transform a girl into a classic summer bombshell.
    So here’s a quick guide to Wearing White Sundresses. You might have your own tips. tricks, and hints, and if you do please leave a comment and I would love, love to hear them! :) Now on to the tips!
    We all know that black is slimming, and white, well, can do the exact opposite, this brings me to my tip#1:

    White Sundress Tip #1: Be Sure the dress you choose is fitted.The easiest way to do this is to follow my golden rule: Wear a sundress with a fitted waist and/or waistband.
    Take these 2 beauties for example:

    Eva Mendes in Dolce and Gabanna

    Oscar de La Renta Spring Runway

    These dresses are very different and create 2 completely different looks; one very structured and one very flowy. But they have one very important thing in common: they both have a well defined waist/ waistband.
    A waistband helps maintain structure and fit by keeping the middle of your body (your waist) narrow and fitted. This can keep a white dress looking slim on you and prevents you from looking wide even when wearing the fullest of skirts.

    Here are some great examples:
    BCBGMAXAZRIA Pleated Stretch Cotton Dress, Nordstroms, $218

    Lauren by Ralph Lauren Dress "Zeina" Eyelet Sleeveless Empire Dress, Bloomingdales

    Heidi Alloy Dress, Alloy, $36.90

    Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique Pleat Detail Embroidered Cotton Dress,Nordstroms, $118

    Calvin Klien Pleated Cotton Wrap Dress, Nordstroms

    Now if your dress doesn't have a waist, or if you'd like a different look, throw on one of the white sundresses best friends: the brown belt. It can be narrow or wide, and the contrast of brown and white will help better define your figure. (A dusty pink belt would look great too!)
    I love getting belts from Forever 21 - they do a pretty good job and their belts are so cheap that you can buy as many as you like and just have them around just in case!

    All of these were in the $5.80- $7.80 range. And it looks like none of these belts are available online anymore. I'd check your local Forever 21- they did a great job this time- some of the belts in this medium brown shade could even pass as leather. You could also check out other belts online HERE.

    Tip #2: Wear a length that elongates your figure. White sundresses that are either right above, or right below the knee are the most flattering on women.
    Now that isn’t to say that you don’t look great in a mini (I'm sure you look fantastic!) but a few inches above the knee or just below the knee can not only lengthen your figure, but will create more of a feminine silhouette, giving off more of that classic bombshell vibe. Now if you disagree with this and swear by the white mini - that's ok, but I still think ever women needs a bombshell white sundress - you can hang it in your closet, right next to your mini. ;)Both our 2 previous examples (Oscar de La renta and Eva Mendes in Dolce and Gabbana) are also at or below the knee.

    What shoes do you wear with a white sundress? You have many options here, but I will just give you 2 of my favorites;

    Tip #3: Different shoes, Different themes: Grecian Metallic Flats or Classic Bombshell Neutrals
    If you want to wear flats or flat sandals, wear metallics. Silver can look great, but bronze or gold can give your look a more Grecian look, particularly flat gladiator sandals. To give it a contemporary grecian look - try a summer side braid.
    Victoria's Secret, Colin Stuart Chandelier Thong Sandal, Victoria's Secret, Sale: $49

    AE Braided Sandal, in Light Gold and Pewter, American Eagle, $29.50

    Multi Cross Gladiator Sandals, Wet Seal, Sale: $10

    I was pleasantly surprised by the Victoria's Secret Chandelier Sandals, they are so delicate but at the same time rich and exotic. They look well made and like they could flatter anyone (I honestly can say the same for gladiator sandals ;)).

    For a classic bombshell look, try brown, taupe, or natural colored wedges, like Eva Medes did in our previous photo.
    Wrapped T-strap Sandal, Charlotte Russe, $32.50

    AE Geometric Wedge - Leather - Saddle Tan , American Eagle, $29.50
    Merona Maribel Peep Toe Wedge Shoes - Lavender, Target, $26.99

    I really love these Merona Maribel Peep Toe Wedge Shoes from Target - They are more of a taupe than lavender and really lengthen your silhouette.

    Tip #4: For the office, trade in your white sundress for a white sheath dress.
    The silhouette is more professional but looks just as lovely. Choose one with a waist (Tip #1) or pair it with a brown belt if you like. Make sure the length is work appropriate (just above or below the knee = Tip #2), and pair it with some brown, taupe, or natural colored pumps (Tip #3).
    Here are some suggestions, for work friendly white dresses, J.Crew is a great place to start.

    Cotton Cady Alexa Dress in Light Pewter, J.Crew, Sale:$79.99

    Superfine Cotton Emmaleigh Dress, J.Crew, $158

    Now if you’re wearing your white sleeveless dress to the office you will probably need a jacket or a cardigan.
    You have lots of colors to choose from here: camel /tan, coral, pistachio or mint, turquoise, white, and cream among others. My personal favorite is a natural color like camel or tan. I have this J.Crew featherweight cardigan in Weathered stone from last year that I wear with my white eyelet sheath with a thin brown belt.

    You can find the J.Crew Featherweight Cotton Bling-Button Cardigan in 11 shades this Season HERE.
    I particularly like color Sea Mist:
    The v-neck is great as it doesn't hide too much of the neckline of your dress. The crystal buttons keep the look contemporary and fresh and this cardigan is so light it won't make you feel or look hot. Sizing Tip: For this Cardigan I seem to always wear a size smaller, as this particular cardi seems to run a little large.

    Tip #5: Look Hot don’t feel hot! Remember, its summer, and its hot outside. Make sure your sundress is made of natural materials: cotton, linen blend, eyelet (which is cotton), poplin (cotton blend), etc. Avoid polyester, spandex, other synthetic materials, and some knits. They will make you very hot.

    Well that's all for now. Have a lovely summer day :)