Tuesday, June 15, 2010

J Mendel Resort 2010 Collection + Ballet Chic Looks

J.Mendel's Resort 2010 Collection has some particularly lovely pieces inspired by the ballet. Aside from being photographed with a ballet barre, these pieces are completely wearable and are deliver the rare combination of glamorous and delicate. The tea rose pink, putty and nude colored silks are mixed with large doses of silver shine, the contemporary lace up shoes deliver a fashionable take on the pointe shoes and the tousled updo with feather hairpieces complete the lovely looks.

Last Fall Ralph Lauren had another gorgeous take on ballet chic. With a sequined /embroidered lace bodice and a tea rose pink skirt with a lace shell.

The great thing about these looks is that depending on how you wear and accessorize them, they can even evoke a vintage 1920's feel due to the washed colors and heavy embellishment.

This New Year's I was watching the Annual Vienna Orchestra New Year's Concert and was taking back by the beautiful tea-length gowns. I was even more pleased to find out that Valentino designed the dresses specifically for Ballerinas. You can watch them perform a dance in their Valentino gowns HERE

A few Everyday Ballet Chic Outfits + a few pointers on how to wear the look.

If you are as inspired as I was by all this ballet couture here are some A few Everyday Ballet Chic Outfits and a few pointers on how to wear the look.
  • Choose a v-neck or scoop top that is very fitted.
  • Pair it with a skirt that is loose and flowy - one with ruffles works wonders
  • Wear the skirt at your natural waist! This is important ladies, this will create that ballet silhouette. If you wear your skirt too low, it won't look right.
  • Wear heels of any kind. T-strap, pumps, peep-toe, any kind will do, just don't wear flats. Wearing ballet flats will be to literal and might end up looking costume-like. You want ballet-chic, not an actual ballerina! ;) Heels of any height will work and you will be suprised as you stand in the mirror how much it instantly changes the outfit to contemporary and how great it will make your figure work.
  • Try a long necklace, like the long silver tassel necklace on my etsy site or one of your favorites.
  • As for hair: wear it any way you like, as long as it isn't a bun (again you don't want to look your going to Halloween as a ballerina, you want ballet-chic). My favorite is down with waves, or half up.

Another great combo: muted gray uneven hem on this with the black sequin top.

Here are some more great ballet chic pieces.

Get your muse on: Watch this incredible featuring Tiler Peck, the principle ballerina for the New York Ballet performing with Nuttin' but Stringz Macy's Stars of Dance, performance choreographed by Travis Wall. Or watch on Youtube HERE

Have a lovely day and Happy Twirling!
Principal ballerina Elena Glurdjidze for the English National Ballet performs part of The Dying Swan for Karl Lagerfeld in the Chanel Couture Salon.

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