Friday, June 11, 2010

Double Crown / Heidi Braids Video Tutorial and Tips

Oscar de La Renta's Spring '10 fashion show made the Heidi Braid or double crown braids surprisingly edgy and a great new summer look. If your wanting to give this look a try just remember that your clothes, earrings, and makeup are what will make this look edgy and fashion forward rather than juvenile. If you try this look and feel like you look 14, don't give up just yet, instead try a couple of different alterations until you find what works on you.
  • Try a smoky brown eye. Its less harsh than the Smokey black/silver eye, and adds a mature/ sultry angle to the braid.
  • Try some thin liquid eye liner. Much like the smoky eye, this will add a little sophistication to your look.
  • Try some statement earrings. Chandeliers, large hoops, whatever is in season and looks good with your face.

Another great tip:
Try on lots of different outfits until you find one that works. No doubt, if you wear this with a sundress you will probably look like your 12. Sienna Miller paired her double braids with something unexpected: an evening gown. The overall look is stunning. Try on different outfits with your hair and makeup done and see which ones work.
Now if you would like to wear this look simply, without strong makeup or accessories. Take a look at this pic of Zoe Deschanel for inspiration. Its simple and she looks just divine. Notice though, that for this version her braids do not go across the top of her head. So if you would like to wear this look without too much effort just wrap the braids on both sides in a soft U and tuck/bobby pin them back into the sides of your hair towards the back of your head.

Now for the tutorial: For any of these looks you can start by watching Strawberry Koi's Heidi braid tutorial. Try different parts, and different makeup, and see what looks best on you.

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