Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gilded Goddess Leaf Headband

...Introducing our Gilded Goddess Leaf Headband....
The Gilded Goddess Leaf Headband embodies romantic eras past with its ornate gold plated brass leaves delicately linked to form a band that is both romantic and captivating. 
It instantly elevates any hairstyle making it appear more alluring and lovely and is perfect for any event- day or night.

**Holiday Sale: $45**
Available for purchase at Ruby Mines  shop on etsy.


  1. Wow!This necklace really gorgeous and most liked by all the women.One of the amazing thing of this necklace is its gold plated brass leaves.I really love to wear this necklace.

  2. How fun is this necklace! Must have for a holiday party. xx