Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall Olive Shimmer: The Marriage of Military and Sequin

Don't you just love it when your favorite things come together?
Military is back as a huge fall trend -these olive and khaki hues make all women who wear them look urban chic and ruggedly-feminine. But why stop there? Adding sequin, gold shimmer and shine takes this look from military-issue to khaki bombshell, in a look I like to call olive shimmer.

Gisele Bundchen Vogue Oct '06
photo credit: Fahion Gone Rogue

Jeep and Aviators are optional but highly recommended ;-)
(que Johnny Cash Jeep Commercial Music)

This look is so intriguing because of the combination of very masculine (military /aviators) and very feminine (sequin, gold) pieces. The result is a sultry head turning look.

Layer your shimmery pieces with olive & khaki, pair with aviators, or rugged ankle boots.
Tory Burch Panzi Sequined Dress

Accessorize your military pieces with feminine jewelry like a multi-strand gold /or statement necklace, or a sequin skirt.
J.Crew August 2010 Catalog Cover

Robert Rodriguez Wool-Cashmere Shimmer Top

Cast of The Romantics in J.Crew '10 Fall Collection
(Malin Akerman & Jeremy Strong)

Express Embellished Essential Stretch Military Shirt

MICHAEL Michael Kors Sequined Camo Tank
Again, with the Aviators :)

Styling Options /Inspirations:

Smoldering Smudged Olive & bronze eye makeup
Megan Fox, October '09 Cosmopolitan Mag
Pair with some Gold rimmed Aviators
Adriana Lima in Ray Ban Aviators Photo Credit
Layer with gold and bronze statement jewelry.
Necklace: Lu Lu Frost

The variations and styling options on this look are endless, so grab what you already have and pair it with something new.
Have a lovely weekend everyone! And thank you for all the sweet and kind comments- they make my day :)


  1. it definitely works. on another note, i'm really loving a lot of jcrew pieces/the styling. really on point!

  2. Soooo gorgeous!
    Love these looks!


  3. Great photos, and inspiring pieces! Love the Jcrew skirt!

  4. What a gorgeous and inspiring collection of photos!

  5. can't get enough of sequins. Great blog.

    Dena x

  6. I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect sequin mini. By the way, I LOVE that picture of Megan Fox - she is breathtakingly beautiful!! :)