Thursday, August 5, 2010

DIY Tutorial: Louis Vuitton Inspired Bow Pumps!

DIY Tutorial: Louis Vuitton Inspired Bow Pumps!
Louis Vuittons Fall Line has stolen many women’s hearts and I’m no exception.... the tea length skirts, corsets, and of course those Pointed toe Bow Pumps.
So here's a tutorial on how to take an old pair of pointed toe pumps or a new cheap pair and transform them into ultra chic Louis Vuitton Inspired bow pumps.
and here are my DIY Louis Vuitton Bow Pumps
Louis Vuitton
My DIY version

Instead of using some pointed toe pumps of my own I chose to use these that you can get at target because I wanted everyone to be able to make them.
For the tutorial I am using these Merona Mena Pointed toe pumps from Target. You can buy them in the store for $24.99 or HERE.
You will also need
  • 1/8 yard vinyl in any faux leather print (you can find these in the upholstery isle of any fabric store) Costs about $4 - 6
  • Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Fresh Super Glue
  • Rubberbands or Large paper organizer
You will also use:
  • Paperweights or something very heavy
  • An Iron
  • Sheet or pillowcase
Cut a 8" x 4 3/8" piece of your vinyl and 2 strips of ribbon a little longer than each sides. You use ribbon to help glue the leather bow without any buldge.

Superglue half of the ribbon to the bottom (or width) of the vinyl.

Superglue half of the ribbon to the underside of the vinyl.

Trim the excess ribbonWait until the glue drys then fold the outside of the vinyl half way over towards the middle. Have your paperweights handy. You will use these to help create the crease.
Place a pillowcase of sheet over the vinyl and press with a med-hot iron to form a crease. Do NOT iron the vinyl directly. It is a synthetic material and it could burn or even melt.
As you iron the fold place paperweights on top to reinforce the crease while the vinyl is still hot. Let the vinyl cool for 5 minutes.
Now its time to do the other side. Fold the other side of the vinyl over to meet in the middle. Before you superglue this side to the ribbon it is better to iron the fold first (it will help the superglue hold better. Use the sheet and weights and let cool.
Now superglue the second side to the ribbon and place weights on top. Wait until dry.
Now fold the ends of the bow to meet and again glue the vinyl to the ribbon.

Let glue dry with paper weight. Use your sheet again to press the edges of the bow. Let set with paperweight after pressing for about 5 minutes.

Now for the bow part cut a 1 1/4"x 4 3/8" piece of vinyl.
Superglue half of the ribbon to the bottom (or width) of the vinyl.Glue the band around the bow using the ribbon and place paperweights to secure glue. Wait until dry.

Now to attach to your shoes. Use Superglue or E6000 glue. Use a paper clamp or and rubber bands can help the bows better adhere to the shoe. I used a piece of foam underneath the clamp to prevent the clamp from damaging the bow and the shoe. Let sit overnight.

and viola!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. Lovely! They look just like the original - kudos to your creativity!!
    Did the superglue seal all the vinyl surfaces without turning white and flaky or cracking at all? I've always been hesitant to use superglue for anything that bends and have stuck with my trusty ol' Vinyl and Leather glue (which is kind of hard to find). Superglue would be so much easier!
    Thanks for this tutorial!

  2. Thanks Carly! In each step you are never actually supergluing vinyl to vinyl - you are supergluing the underside of the vinyl which is fabric directly to ribbon. This handy trick also reduces bulk as there are no large folds. The iron is also a very integral part in this as are the paperweights. The first bow I made I tested by literally trying to tear it apart and it held up quite nicely. :)

    I wore these out several times since making them - I dont post any tutorial until Ive tested the longevitity and endurance of what Ive made - I was very pleased with how they held up and I got many compilements!

    You can use vinyl or leather glue if you like (I like 3M brand) but you're right it can be pricey. I think that E6000 or fresh superglue with the aid of weights and clamps works well.
    Thanks so much for visiting my tutorial and leaving a comment! Your site is great!

  3. Gorgeous DIY, darling!
    Very impressive!


  4. this turned out so fantastic! it looks so chic! love that you used target shoes btw. Best tutorial yet! thanks for posting :)

  5. Wow! What a phenomenal DIY Project. They look exactly like the Vuitton's. I may need to try this out for myself!! :)

  6. How clever are you!? Great tutorial!

  7. Fantastic tutorial!! So glad I came across it in Budget Babe's Link Round-Up! Can't wait to give this a go myself!

  8. omg those are amazing~~haha ur a genius!! <3

  9. You did a great job! I love them and they look very chic - your tutorial is very clear and detailed too.

  10. Great job. I'm featuring you this week at my DIY fashion column on Very inspiring.

  11. Wow! Your DIY is spot on! Awesome! I couldn't tell the LV's from your version at all!

  12. WOW!!!!! This is truly amazing! I think I need to try this!