Thursday, March 29, 2012

...The Lovely Vanity...

It seems every woman loves a makeup vanity; the concept of sitting down in front of a mirror with all your makeup and perfume before you evokes images of Marlyn and Audrey glamorously applying Chanel and Dior.
Surprisingly, makeup vanities are no longer considered a necessity for the modern woman.. Instead we find ourselves rushing through our morning beauty routine standing in front of the bathroom sink. Somehow we feel that sitting down to an organized table soley devouted to our beauty products and cosmetics will slow us down or is just unnecessary. In reality not only do makeup vanities provide an organized place for all your cosmetics but sitting down allows you to concentrate on a better makeup application.  
A little vanity inspiration courtesy of Dior..
Sophia Loren at Vanity Dresser
Vanity Essentials: An accent tray, Coco Mademoiselle power puff, Chanel no.5 & Nina Ricci Parfum
Rosamosario Mezza Luna Silk-Crepe and Lace Robe
Georgina Chapman breathtaking Mirror vanity photo credit
Suzanne Rogers Vanity photo credit
Basic yet striking Vanity Dresser: a white table with a gorgeous mirror. Mirror available here

The perfect vanity accessory: a gorgeous tray filled with bottles of perfume photo credit

 Exquisite Carved Antique Vanity Dresser

Jenny Packham Lace-appliqued Silk Chiffon Robe
A handheld mirror can help with delicate applications such as winged eyeliner.
via tumblr
Anthropologie Winter's Peach Mirror
Mor Cosmetics

Jean Harlow

You don't need much to set up vanity dresser... Start by positioning a table and mirror in a brightly lit area, you can hang a large mirror on the wall above the table, and/or use smaller mirrors for close up detailed application like winged eyeliner. Use lovely accents such as trays to hold perfume bottles and palettes, and lone wine glasses to hold makeup brushes. If you don't own any, head to your local flea market for creative accents that double as makeup organizers.
Adding sweet details such as flowers and personal items like a crystal memento or souvenir can make a vanity dresser a beautiful and personal place to sit every morning.
I hope that this encourages you to consider a vanity dresser!

Have a lovely day everyone!!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous post!
    I'd love to have a mirrored vanity!


  2. Oh, I have always wanted to have a vanity such as these - I had a plastic toy-type one as a child and spent hours using it. I LOVE the first picture! :)