Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Styling Ideas + Ukranian Inspiration

Here are some inspiring winter looks with some great styling ideas. Not only will they help you avoid a winter style slump between and after all the holiday parties but can also provide lots of great snowed in -and-play-dress-up-with-mocha-in-hand inspiration ;) Stay warm everyone!
Amanda Norgaard -Winter Sonata New York Times Style Winter Ed 2010
I love the long skirts, sweaters and tons of pearls.
Shop Bop Hit Knits lookbook
Free People November 2010 Lookbook
Great snowed-in look
Keeping winter Glam: Bracelets & Bangles over gloves ~ channeling the Opera & Chanel''s Fall 2005 line
Shocking pink lipstick can brighten any look (especially white!)
Anna Rudenko by Jamie Nelson for Harper’s Bazaar en Español November 2010
Dominika Krcmáriková by Dennison Bertram for Marie Claire Czech December 2010
Red Lips.  Izzy, Mirielle & Marie-Helene by Jamie Nelson for Elle Mexico 
Cato Van Ee by René Habermacher
Dioni Tabbers by Felix Lammers for Glass #4
Last Stop: Hana Soukupova by Greg Williams

Lastly, I saw this Ukranian/Russian Christmas special on Chicago TV a few years ago and although I didn't understand one word of it I loved the girl's fashionable take on traditional Ukranian/ Russian clothes. Her multistrand pink necklace, headband with flowers and ribbon, braids.. her whole look. So with the help of google translate I was able to find a video! Here is Ani Lorak (I believe she is a famous Ukranian singer) in "Вечера на хуторе близ Диканьки" which translates to 'Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka.'

I hope you guys like it- I love fashion from other cultures..
Happy Holidays Everyone! Stay warm :)


  1. Gorgeous post, darling!

    Especially loving the long skirts!

    Happy Holidays to you too!


  2. hey-hey))
    nice post!

    i'm from Ukraine.and it's so sweet to see some post like ures/ Thank you))

    Yes.Anni lorak is famouse pop-singer and the most beautefull girl in our contry.

    this song is from TV-film...and this novel was written by Nokolay Gogol-Famous russion/ukrainian writer/

    sooo...have a nice holidays))
    best wishes)

  3. Cozy knits, long skirts, faux furs. Love, love, love. This post is utterly exquisite.

    Happy, Happy Holidays, my love!! :)

  4. @kosmo_oriolus - Hello! I'm so glad you like the post! You are so sweet for following my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I love all cultures and am thrilled that a fashionista from Ukraine took time to read my blog. It made my day. Happy Holidays!
    Ruby Mines