Sunday, July 11, 2010

Viva Espana! A Fashionable Tribute to Spain

Congratulations to Spain for defeating the Netherlands to win the 2010 World Cup! Viva Espana!

I thought it was best to pay a fashionable tribute to Spain. A land and culture that have made many fabulous contributions to the world of fashion. The Spanish influence is about more than just flamenco, Spanish lace and Espadrilles, it is about passion, color, beauty and warmth.

Oh that Black and Gold Marchesa gown.. how many daydreams have I had of you...

Last Fall's O.P.I Espana Collection.
the lovely and delicate Spanish Lace
Sardina Wedge Espadrilles from J.Crew Made in Spain. Love. love. love.

The Beautiful Streets of Cordoba..
Thats all for now. A new tutorial should be up in the next couple of days. Have a lovely day everyone


  1. Gorgeous tribute, darling!

    Loving that pearl necklace you linked, too ~ thanks!


  2. Oh thank you! I love your site!