Monday, August 3, 2009

J.Crew Inspired XL Flower Brooch Pin + Giveaway!

I love the J.Crew XL Flower Brooch Pin featured on J.Crew's June Issue.

Here is my version.

It is 6 inches across in diameter, it has blushing pink, and rich pink colors, and texturally feels like real flower petals.

Since I would like some followers/subscribers (what can I say, im, j/k;)) I've decided to give 2 away to 2 followers/subscribers.

If you are interested please subscribe and leave a comment saying "count me in" or something to that effect. I will do a drawing once I have 5 subscribers. :)

I included 2 pins on the back of my flower: a traditional bar pin back and a hair clip, so it can be worn as a brooch pin or in your hair.

I recommend the following in depth tutorial video by hairstylst Johnny Lavoy where he shows how to do a Katherine Heigel Inspired hairdo accented with a large flower.

Video stills (front view)

(back view)
For anyone interested in purchasing one of these pins, I will put them on etsy for $15 each. :)


  1. yay i'm your first subscriber! i love this pin- so gorgeous!! please sign me up!:)

  2. Gorgeous! Please enter me. :-)

    gigiofca at gmail

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Please enter me, too! :)

    THANKS!!! :)

  4. pretty ! Please count me in
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  5. I found your blog thru gigi's gone shopping blog. I am interested in learning to make jewelry. I love jcrew's jewelry, but I just can't afford it. Are there any beginner books on jewely making that you can recommend?

  6. Me too!

    mstvwriter at aol dot com

  7. These are gorgeous! Please make some more so we can purchase them on etsy!
    I'd love to have one!

  8. Rachel- Thanks for your interest in my blog Let me do some looking and get back to you!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous - your flowers will be a great dose of spring in the middle of winter!

    Subscribing - please enter me.

  10. Please count me as a new follower! Keeping my fingers crossed for this lovely brooch, too!

  11. PLEASE tell me you're selling these on etsy! They're gorge!

  12. count me in! I love the pop of color.